Learn to Crawl again with the Shaw Method - Leer Borstcrawl Zwemmen


Learn to Crawl Again

This unique film provides you with learning tools drawn from the Alexander Technique which will enable you to learn to crawl with ease and efficiency. It has been designed to help swimmers of all abilities ranging from those new to the front crawl, to experienced swimmers wishing to refine their stroke such as Triathletes and Master swimmers.

Steven Shaw, creator of the highly acclaimed Shaw Method of Swimming, demonstrates his step-by-step crawl progression. Filmed in the Red Sea and Caribbean, this film combines footage of dry land practises with clear underwater as well as above water sequences.

Learn to Crawl Again takes the viewer through a series of easy to follow progressive steps teaching you to:
-Use the legs to achieve the most efficient body orientation
-Coordinate the arms to generate maximum propulsion without strain
-Breathe with ease without tensing the neck

The approach will increase your overall mobility, strengthen your back and improve your stamina.

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